Erving Industries Paper Mill, located on the banks of Millers Rivers in Western Massachusetts, has successfully recycled paper goods into napkins, healthcare necessities, and other paper products since 1905. Though many mills have struggled over time, Erving has been a successful and dynamic mill operating on a 24/7 schedule.

Brattan Industries in partnership with Engineer Construction Services and Waldron Engineering & Construction design/built a Chilled Heating Plant to supplement plant utility power. A combustion Solar Turbine and a Heat Recovery Steam Generator were installed to generate steam for cooling and heating. A 800kw black start generator was installed to start on loss of plant power. New 15kv and 13.8kv switchgears were installed to run parallel with NGRID power.

This project involved complex point-to-point control wiring and multiple high-voltage connections to NGRID 13.8kv service. The project was completed in 2015 with no disruptions to ongoing plant operations and resulted in downloading 3MW of power to the grid when plant loads were diminished.